VisasWizard is the globe's leading authority on migration and visa services, and the specialists all over the world are strongly certified and signed up with the ministry of corporate affairs to do immigration consultancy.

Given the complexity and challenging process of getting a visa, it's vital that your visa and immigration experts are professionals with excellent lawful knowledge. Right here is more evidence that VisasWizard is the only immigration consultancy you ought to trust with your desire of moving overseas.Applicant can also opt the services with or without, by given below accredited agents & agencies or directly through the related country's immigration autorities without paying any additional third party service charges. :

Immigration Advisors Authority

The Immigration Advisers Authority was set up to protect people receiving New Zealand immigration advice.

IAA NZ do this by:

  • Issuing licenses to people who are fit and competent to give immigration advice
  • Maintaining competency standards and a code of conduct for immigration advisers
  • Receiving complaints against licensed immigration advisers
  • Investigating people giving immigration advice without a license or exemption.

is an independent of Immigration New Zealand and cannot give immigration advice or influence a visa application.

Our Australia Office VisasWizard Pvt Ltd has employed a fulltime Consultant who is a registered IAA NZ with License Status – Current and License Type – Full.

Member of Migration Institute of Australia

The Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (Office of the MARA) is a discrete office attached to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. The functions of the Office of the MARA are set out in s316 of the Migration Act 1958 (the Act).

The Office commenced operations on 1 July 2009. Key objectives are to ensure that:

  • Only suitable persons are registered as migration agents, and unsuitable persons are refused registration or re-registration
  • Registered agents maintain appropriate knowledge to enable them to provide accurate advice to consumers
  • All complaints about the services of registered, or formerly registered migration agents are appropriately addressed
  • The Office of the MARA works collaboratively with the department and other bodies such as prosecuting or regulatory authorities to address the activities of agents outside its mandate
  • Consumers understand their rights and agents understand their obligations under the regulatory framework.

Our partner case managers / consultants are a registered Mara Agent. VisasWizard has retained an MARA registered consultant who helps provide reliable guidance towards Australian immigration.


Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC)

Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) is a regulatory authority which has been appointed by Canadian Government to protect individuals, who utilize services from Canadian Immigration Advisors or Consultants.

As per the law all immigration consultants operating in Canada or overseas, who are into the business of offering Canadian immigration services, must be registered with the ICCRC and should be accredited as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC).

Using an ICCRC certified consultant assures quality, as they are aware of the latest Canadian immigration laws and policies and follow strict guidelines and have a code of conduct that they adhere to strictly. To obtain an ICCRC certification, one needs to pass a rigorous application process.

Only Consultants who are members of ICCRC are allowed to represent an applicant for Citizenship and Immigration Canada, either in Canada or at any international Canada Immigration office. VisasWizard has retained an ICCRC registered consultant who helps provide reliable guidance towards Canadian immigration.

Please check Canada's Fraud prevention policy. For more detail (Please click here)- https://iccrc-crcic.ca/fraud-prevention/ (copy & paste in new browser if click not worked)

We request you to kindly inform us prior to get service by registered immigration agents / immigration attorney as mention above. Please Note charges will be different. Our default service will be provided to you by our highly skilled immigration experts.

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VisasWizard is a private company that offers comprehensive immigration solutions and registered with the ministry of corporate affairs-India and not affiliated with any government’s immigration department, however work closely with different government authorities eg. MARA, MIA and ICCRC to name a few. If you would like to prepare and submit your immigration application by yourself you can do so by visiting the related official website. For more details kindly visit our accreditation section. VisasWizard will assist you in obtaining your visa and the forms can be obtained from the official source at free. All decisions for granting a visa remain with the relevant Government Authority subject to the applicant lodging a valid application and meeting the relevant criteria. VisasWizard entails professional service fees exclusive of any third party or government fees and is subject to tax where applicable. Information & Forms that are supplied during process can be collected free of charge at any department of home affairs but applying with us entitles you for a wide range of professional services ensuring a hassle free migration.