VisasWizard is a reputable immigration consulting firm; whose expertise and specialty is in assisting those who would like to immigrate any country. We offer an all-inclusive type of service relevant to immigration , where you will be supported from beginning (explaining the process and procedures, completing and submitting the necessary immigration application forms) till the end (pre-departure discussion on what to expect, welcoming you upon your arrival in your dream country, showing you around your new city).

Our firm has a long-standing reputation for excellence in various areas immigration. We are committed to providing a first class service to our clients by understanding their needs and delivering common sense legal advice and practical solutions to their requirements. There is great strength and depth of legal expertise within our firm. The way in which we organize our business allows us to provide a specialized legal service at a price that is affordable to all of our clients. Although our experts are spread across a network of branches, they are organized into teams according to their own specialist areas of immigration knowledge. This ensures that, whilst your day to day dealings may be with your local branch, your case or transaction will be supervised by one of our immigration advisor who is an expert in that particular area of the immigration.

VisasWizard’s foundation, business practice and morals are based on honesty, integrity, and accountability to our clients, partners, and the public. We strongly believe in our duty to be extremely forthright in letting people know whether they qualify for immigration to their desired country; or if it is necessary to take certain steps prior to commencing the immigration application in order to have a more successful application.

VisasWizard only take on clients whose applications we consider very likely to receive a positive review. Of course, if a client wishes to pursue an application after our professional opinion is made known that it might not be a successful case; we will still passionately and wholeheartedly complete and support their Canadian immigration application.

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